Badass Shaman Warrior 200MA Crossover Signals

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The 200MA is a great moving average for crypto trading. When above, good. When below, not so good. A cross of the 200MA (white moving average) can be seen here:

Boom? Yes. 

Watching several timeframes can help catch good crosses. That is why the Badass Shaman Warrior signals are in 1 day, 4 hour, 1 hour, and 15 minute. These are divided into two groups since the 15 minute signal puts out lots of signals. 

A Crypto that crosses the 4 hour, can be watched for a move close to the 1 hour. 1 hour crosses usually have a quick burst of energy. Watching the 15 minute signal is a good way to catch bursts also. As alerts happen, look at different time frames and find trading methods that work. 

Trades tend to do better if the 200MA is on an uptrend or at least sideway. If trending down a cross is often short lived. 

The signals are only showing 200MA cross up-over’s. The cross downs made too much noise in the channels. 

If these signals bring value to your trading a suggested monthly boon of $5 in Crypto (BTC and ETH Preferred) is appreciated. 



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Links to the Badass Shaman Warrior Telegram Groups:

Badass Shaman Warrior – 1 and 4 Hour – Main Channel Invite

This indicator shows 1 and 4 hour 200MA crossovers for BTC, USDC, USDT/Tether pairs on Binance.

Badass Shaman Warrior – 15 Minutes – 15 Channel Invite

This indicator shows 15 minute 200MA crossovers for BTC, USDC, USDT/Tether pairs on Binance.

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