Help Me Fund Excavation of a WW1 German Fortification!

A German trench war home from WWI was discovered, but will soon be lost FOREVER. Lost to another FOOKING housing development! There is a kick-starter setup to help excavate the site before it is TOO LATE. I gave a few $. This is an “All or Nothing” kick-starter. If the amount needed isn’t reached no one is charged and the history is lost.
This hits me as so strange… who could pave over this? Humans need to stop paving the land.
From the site:
With your support, we plan to excavate the site and expose the battlefield in order to increase our understanding of the trench war, and of the men who fought there – before the site is lost to housing development.
Dig Hill 80: Help Me Fund Excavation of a WW1 German Fortification!

“Freedom of the gun” in the state of AZ and the Gates Monster

You can be sure this will effect the “Freedom of the gun” in the state of AZ. Soon to follow with be this demonic creatures influence on politics in this state. He is 100% committed with his resources to ensure guns belong to a demonized history in this country and “constant 100% surveillance” ensures they don’t exist. Also your liberty minded nature will land you in the pokey for pre-crime.

It is truly a sad day to know this disgusting reptile is making a beachhead in the great state of AZ. It isn’t an accident, as AZ is “Way Too Free” and pisses off the dark forces that run governments and their billionaire dirty deed mercenaries like the Gates Creature.

Bill Gates buys huge chunk of land in Arizona to build ‘smart city’

PHOENIX – One of Bill Gates’ investment firms has spent $80 million to kickstart the development of a brand-new community in the far West Valley.

Guns-n-Politics – “RIP Charlie McGrath”

The late Charlie McGrath and I used to talk daily about guns and politics. To this day I still miss him… We decided to just record ourselves “talking shit” (since we did constantly anyway) weekly and make it a podcast. Only a few episodes made it out before he died.
Guns-n-Politics (GnP) “Get Some” Podcast 01