Empire of the Summer Moon

The Audible version of Empire of the Summer Moon is very good.

The Comanches numbered 20,000 on the Great Southern Plains and were the best horsemen the world has ever known.  Author S.C. Gwynne, who wrote Empire of the Summer Moon, an amazing history of the rise and fall of the Comanches, is interviewed below by Joe Rogan.  You will learn a lot from this interview, but the book is absolutely fantastic — will keep you enthralled for days. Source: https://www.aboutthesky.com/aboutthesky/smallstorm-blog/1387-comanche-moon-s-g-gwynne

Joe Rogan Experience #1397 – S.C. Gwynne

Robert Young Pelton – The Mindset Of An Adventurist

Highlighting today a previous show that has an essential message this still is required and holds up especially in present times.

“We are losing the love of risk, we are letting fear prevent us from being great” ~ RYP

“Never confuse what you are afraid of, with what can kill you” ~ RYP

“If you fear failure you’ve already lost” ~ RYP

Robert Young Pelton – The Mindset Of An Adventurist